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RE: Marketing HSV – White Paper

It is not clear who the Concerned HSV Residents are who put the Marketing HSV – White Paper together.  But here is another opinion.

First, it is agreed that most of the points made in the White Paper are right on target.  This community has serious challenges – marketing being a principal one – which are only being exacerbated by ridiculous moves being taken by our CEO.  Failure of past boards of directors to recognize and address the situation is even worse.

However, the proposed solution of a Chief Marketing Officer operating autonomously from the CEO with a separate budget, etc. is misguided.  It is only a recipe for disaster and further wasting of our precious resource dollars.  The idea is similar to the hiring of consultants to create a Comprehensive Master Plan to solve all our problems.  It simply won’t work.

In the real world of business The Chief Executive Officer is always The Chief Marketing Officer.  That’s not to say there won’t also be a marketing vp, director, manager or similar position – the titles are irrelevant.  But leadership comes from the top and there is no successful corporation whose leader does not possess and express all the requisite marketing knowledge, skills, characteristics and training needed for the corporation to grow and prosper.  How they got the talent is irrelevant.  It matters not if they started out as engineers, accountants, salesmen, or came up through the school of hard knocks.  Somehow they acquired marketing savvy along with the other leadership and management abilities needed to run a corporation. 

Simply put, the CEO must be the Marketing Leader or the enterprise will fail.  Our present CEO has none of these skills.  Our enterprise is failing.

The solution therefore is twofold:  
  1. The CEO must be replaced with someone who does have the proper credentials and experience in marketing as well as the management, background and leadership skills we need.
  2. The Board must then work with this new leader to reorganize the entire POA business structure and management team to meet all of our marketing and other needs.

Yes, this will undoubtedly be costly.  It is known that there are employment contracts to be dealt with, etc.  Besides the CEO there may be other staff who are redundant or not suitable and must be reassigned or terminated.  But, it is better to fix the root problem now than continue to play wait and see and ultimately hope to push through another member dues increase.

Anonymous HSV Resident May 1, 2019

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