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New HSVPOA Board Stages Coup

By Former Board Director, Frank Leeming, 4.15.20

New board majority initiates immediate change, elects outsiders to key roles

The new POA board majority executed a coup today, showing it means business.

After Diana Podawiltz was elected board chair (defeating Tormey Campagna in a 5-2 vote) and Lloyd Sherman was unanimously elected vice-chair, the board broke with tradition and elected two non-staff persons to the key roles of board secretary and treasurer.

Former director Marcy Mermel was elected board secretary, pushing CEO Lesley Nalley out of the spot.  Villager and business executive Dan Aylward was elected board treasurer, defeating CFO Liz Mathis.  Mermel and Aylward were elected on 5-2 votes.

Mermel was also named board parliamentarian, replacing director Nancy Luehring, effectively erasing all remnants of the old board power structure.

The action took place after the last regular meeting of the old board and after newly elected directors Tucker Omohulndro, Dick Garrison, Kirk Denger, and Sherman were sworn in.

The officer votes effectively demoted Nalley from her position as an ex-officio member of the board and made clear the new board majority will be steering the POA in a new direction.

Podawiltz said she intends to have informal board work sessions on the first two Wednesdays of each month.

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Editor’s note: Coup: a notable or successful stroke or move.

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