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New Homes Could be Source of Additional HSVPOA Revenue

The latest POA eblast featured the HSV GM’s Annual Report and it had some very interesting news. The new build house permits for 2020 came in at 93, compared to 60 for 2019. So far this year there have been 32 new build permits issued. Also, the average listing price for active residential houses was $359,275 and the “days on market” was 59.

This means our housing market is alive and well and there’s significant growth in new builds. That being said, this is the area the FRATF should look to for new revenue. More money will be needed to fund the BOD’s main duty of spending our dwindling reserves and this is an area that doesn’t require a vote or Declaration amendment.

Our new neighbors will reap the benefits that we have already invested in, and maintained, over these many years. They should pay their fair share to support the infrastructure and invest in our future as we have.

It’s abundantly clear that the BOD will not listen to our calls for restraint and prudent use of our funds, so we must find ways to tap into new revenue streams without further taxing our older residents. But again I question whether the FRATF will listen to solutions that differ from the one they’ve already decided on –which is increasing the two-tier with a vote of the non-resident property owners.

By Gene Garner, April 23, 2021

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