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Letter to HSVPOA Board Directors 5-3-20

We Believe in You

Dear 2020 Board Directors, 

Greetings. I wanted to send you all a special note to let you know we wish you well this year. I guess you all know by now, that you are the “chosen” ones.  No pressure.  We know you all realize that special scrutiny will be placed on this Board by the electorate of HSV. We believe this to be true, fair or not.

It is becoming increasingly paramount that HSV goes back to at least a semblance of what our beautiful village was initially intended to be- “An active lifestyle retirement community.”  This is what was advertised to us when we first came and laid eyes on this 26,000-acre gem of a gated community. We want it to remain so- just maintaining what we have. 

Increasingly, year after year, the hue and cry of the members as a majority is “Community NOT Corporation.” Unmistakably so, the clamor is heard loud and clear. The community has suffered through much torment and apprehension, even to the point of challenging the rationality and mental health of some. God is testing us. Some are failing. We have reached a fork in the road with a few neighbors. Broken, Impasse, Deadlock, Stalemate, and Polarized are some words to describe the angst. Some people are going off the rails. Me too. 

We have to change the direction our CEO is steering us for the health of this community. We need to heal. How we arrived at this point, is immaterial.  Everyone has their own story of how this came to be. I admittedly have mine. Debating this subject only makes some dig in their heels. 

To take a new direction is the mandate before our BOD. I’m so sorry that this endeavor has fallen at this Boards’ feet jointly.  Call it “the fickle finger of fate.” Somebody has GOT to do this. Fate has put you all together to do what you HAVE to do. It is a critical task, indeed. Unraveling the governances, the mountain of paper, that only seems to be a maze of protectionism, can not come easy. We understand that. But from what you all have shown so far, you are up to the herculean task at hand. Your legacy will show that this was the turning point year. We see that you all have the right stuff. We believe in your commitment. We believe in your knowledge. We just thank you so much more than you will ever know. Thank you for your time, your talents, and your treasures. 

So faint not. No balking. Cannons to the left, cannons to the right. Put your back into it. Damn the torpedoes. 

I am not trying to be cavalier about the situation because this is serious business. We are with you all the way through this effort to arrive at a favorable outcome. I only have a small voice, but collectively, we are a chorus. 

“In board we trust”

With great respect, 

Concerned Villager


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