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Lakes Committee Report 6-16-21

Alan Wellesley, Chair of the Lakes Committee, gave the quarterly committee report to the Board of Directors at the June 16, 2021 Board Meeting.

The mechanical dredging of Lake DeSoto was completed. Because of weather, there was a delay, but the lake level is now back to normal, as of May 20, 2021. Hydraulic dredging will be done later in the year.

Committee volunteers assisted the compliance team with the surveys on the lakes located on the east side of the Village. There remains a lot more to do. The survey consists of checking for boat stickers and conditions of seawalls and boat docks. The survey results so far have been dismal. [Note from Cheryl – I think the term “dismal” is used in reference to the lack of boat stickers being placed on the boat.] “It is not a good picture,” stated the Chair.

The committee conducts lake assessments in the spring and fall. Each committee member has a checksheet of 18 items they check. Some of these items are erosion, weeds, invasive plants, etc.

There are volunteers throughout the Village (along with committee members) who check the water level, temperature, and clarity. This helps the POA know the health of the lakes. Committee member Tom Ellers is in charge of the lake assessments.

The Lakes Committee recommended a couple of recent rule changes.

The committee will continue to support the compliance team where they need assistance with the lakes.

Because of the May rainfall, they are late in getting started with the shoreline herbicide treatment. This activity is due to start shortly. This service can be requested by contacting Brad Meredith, Lakes Ecology & Fisheries Manager – bmeredith@hsvpoa.org and there is a charge for the service.

The committee is also responsible for:

  • answering Board Directors queries,
  • answering task force queries, and
  • interfacing with lakes-related clubs.

The committee feels the changes that have been made in the past year regarding gate security are making an improvement on unauthorized use of lakes and beach areas.

In recent years, the POA has not done a good job of enforcing boat sticker rules. Wellesley said his educated guess is that fewer than 50% of the boats on the lakes have stickers. This lost revenue is significant. “When we are tight on money and looking for ways to raise revenue, I think that is something we ought to target,” stated the Chair.

Wellesley said the compliance team appears to be understaffed.

Some of the organization of shoreliners is good and some lakes don’t have any organization, which can make the job of communication difficult. Alan would like to see a way developed to facilitate communication with the shoreliners.

Manager Meredith has been “beefing up” the lakes education in the weekly digest.

Now that COVID-19 is behind us, the committee is planning on having a symposium in the spring.

Wellesley wants the POA develop a method to store documentation for committee educational purposes.

The committee welcomes two new members: Carol Dyer and Dan Dilieto. They also welcome the new Board Director Member, Gary Belair.

Recognition should also be given to Don Langston for his unofficial liaison position from the Recreation Committee.

By Cheryl Dowden, June 16, 2021

* * *

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