My husband and I have called Hot Springs Village ‘home’ for eight wonderful years. It is everything we could ask for: natural beauty, unlimited amenities, organizations galore, and most importantly, good people at every turn. We can’t imagine living elsewhere. 

My name is JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, and I am a candidate for your POA Board.     

Educationally, I hold a Bachelors and a Masters degree – plus Specialist credentials in educational administration. The last 25 years of my career were in sales, marketing and product management, with a Memphis-based international information company. The challenges I faced during the technological explosion of the 90s helped make me what I am today. 

What I learned during those dynamic times set the stage for my appointment to the HSV Board of Directors, in July of 2020. Over the last 6 months representing HSV’s property owners, I have learned much about our community’s strengths and weaknesses. I have observed first- hand how our Village operates, and how it is governed. I have discovered that a wealth of research that has been done over the last 10 years by impassioned individuals and groups. And I have grown to appreciate how important it is for property owners to understand why and how the Board makes the decisions it makes.  

If I am elected to continue representing you on the POA Board, I will combine what I have learned with the skills and education I bring to the table. I am experienced in marketing and marketing management; I am organized and detail oriented; I know how to work with teams and cross-functional groups; I appreciate the ‘big picture’; and I believe in effective metrics.  

The challenges we face are many; but perhaps the two most pressing issues are the critical need for financial stability, and an effective HSV marketing effort – both internally and externally. 2020 was a period of reorganization. 2021 is our year to move forward. 

So how does that translate into my commitment to HSV’s Property Owners?   

I believe that the Board’s primary focus should be on maintaining the Village in all possible aspects, including its 26,000 acres of natural beauty.

I also believe that we should do everything in our power to retain and restore the HSV Infrastructure, and our precious amenities. 

And I believe that both of these can be accomplished in partnership with resident and non-resident property owners – with better communications and a renewed level of trust.  

How can we accomplish all of that? In part, the answer is to use the help of HSV’s Information Technology, our POA Staff and the many Committees that keep this community running.  

I also recognize the critical balance between HSV’s Property Owners (whom basically drive HSV’s revenue) and the POA Board (which is charged with delivering services and controlling expenses). We all have a role to play. 

I ask for your trust, and your vote. In return, you have my promise that I will dedicate myself to making HSV all that it can possibly be. 

JoAnne Corry HSVPOA Board Candidate photo
JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Hot Springs Village 2021 Board Director Candidate

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JoAnne (Joanie) can be reached by email at

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January 15, 2021