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HSVPOA v. ISN Lawsuit?

Continuing Village Lawsuit – ISN

At one point in the recent past, I recall the HSVPOA was involved in a number of lawsuits – some minor, some not so minor. As far as can be currently determined, the Village is still embroiled in only one lawsuit.

This is a HUGE improvement from the past when we were under the thumb of the previous reign. At one point in time, HSVPOA was involved in, if my memory serves me correctly, six cases. All of these cases had overlapping timelines.

ISN, otherwise known as International Security Networks, was contracted under our ex-CEO to provide a more secure gate system for HSV, complete with RFID readers. ISN is based out of Florida.

Although ISN performed a lot of the work, it has been alleged that there were many change orders coming from the POA causing delays. Allegedly they could not meet the established deadline because of the numerous change orders. The relationship between ISN and the POA soured and HSVPOA fired ISN.

For whatever reason, the deal fell apart, and the POA did not receive a finished product. It also appears that the POA did not receive even a partial gate system that can be salvaged by a different company. I sincerely hope I am wrong about the latter.

It also has been stated that ISN left a lot of their equipment in the Village and this has all been ruined due to being left out in the weather. (I do not know the truth and/or details regarding this issue.)

Before any lawsuit was filed, Karen Lundberg (click here to read the article about this case and more) contacted ISN and found out the story from their side of the issue. She talked numerous times to the person who sold us the system and who was also in charge of the actual work.

Late one Saturday evening (11/24/18) Karen exposed the ISN issue. This narrative was shared by email to a lot of the Village.

The POA, in what seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction, filed a lawsuit against ISN very early the next Monday morning (11/26/18). And while they say things move slower in the south. I think this is not always true.

Karen located an attorney to represent ISN. Coincidentally, the last name of ISN’s attorney happens to be Nalley. Counselor Nalley is only very distantly related to our ex-CEO.

I am not sure that this dispute would have ever gone to court without exposure from this Villager because from what I am hearing is that ISN is a pretty laid-back company and they didn’t know what to do and were just ignoring the situation.

The Villager who exposed this did it to let everyone know what was going on with past management and the reason why the promised gate security system did not materialize. This Villager believes in transparency, as do we and most of the community.

ISN filed a counterclaim against the POA, alleging that the fault was not theirs. But now, ISN wanted the remaining money owed for their services to be paid, plus damages. We all know, once courts and attorneys are involved, the cost becomes much higher as courts and attorneys are not free.

Under the old regime, HSVPOA had a number of law firms working for us and handling the variety of suits.

Our new board had the wisdom to hire the renowned Rose Law Firm and let them handle all legal issues. At least with one firm, it would be much easier for the left hand to know what the right hand was doing. Our current board had nothing to do with this mess and the blame for the gate debacle is tied directly to past management/boards.

Looking at the court docket, Rose Law Firm took over the case in early May, 2020.

Maybe we will have an update on the ISN case soon. It would be nice to have this issue behind us, but under the current COVID-19 restrictions, we do not know when this issue will be resolved. It would also be nice to have even greater gate security. I do know things at the gates seem to be improving under the new Board, at least that is what is being reported.

Click here to read the initial suit filed by the POA.

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Click here to read the countersuit filed by ISN.

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By Cheryl Dowden, August 16, 2020

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