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HSVPOA Temple says Cortez Lift Station Pump Replacements Needed

Jason Temple, Director of the Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Asociation Public Services Division, gave a presentation to the Board at January 5, 2022, Discussion Session. The topic was the replacement of the Cortez Lift Station Pumps.

Temple said, “One of our largest wastewater lift stations is located on Lake Cortez…It is a pretty big building and the bottom of it has some very large 80 horsepower pumps. They are very old. When they break down, it’s very hard to maintain, and it’s time to replace those pumps. We budgeted to replace one of those pumps in 2021. We budgeted the second pump in 2022.” Jason said they requested bids and they received a competitive bid from one RFP to replace both pumps using the combined budget amounts.

This is the memo Temple read:


“Board Authorization is required to purchase two 60 horsepower Flygt pumps at a cost of $57,177 each for a total cost of $114,354.”


Jack Tyler Engineering is the only vendor that provides a Flygt [brand] pump. The Flygt pump is really the only type of pump, in addition to the ones that are there now, that can operate in the dry. All of the other pumps have to be wet or submerged… Out of all the vendors, the Flygt pump met the specifications better than the others.”

“This price includes modifications and installation of the pumps at the Cortez Lift Station. Our staff will not have to install them.”

$54,974 was approved for the purchase of one pump in the 2021 budget. $60,000 was approved for the purchase of the second pump in the 2022 budget. This gives a total budget of $114,974 to cover the cost of two pumps.

“There were additional bids from Aberra Pumps for $38,000, which is considerably less, but they will not run in the dry type of situation, so we couldn’t accept that.”

Board Question

Board Chair Joanie Corry asked, “so we have the money from last year’s budget to do this?”

Coreena Fetterhoff, Controller, and Corporate Secretary said, “this will allow for that balance to be a carry-over in order to finish the project. They are just quoting both of them together.”

As this meeting was a discussion session, a vote was not taken.

By Cheryl Dowden, January 11, 2022

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