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HSVPOA Luncheon Protest Planned

Lorri Street of “We the People” is planning a peaceful protest on Monday, January 6, 2020, in order to protest a luncheon hosted by HSVPOA with the assistance of ideal Living.

HSVPOA has issued invitations to community realtors, brokers, POA staff, Board Members, KVRE, and the Village Voice. The purpose of this event is to celebrate and finalize the details of the new program between HSVPOA and the real estate community.

Joe and Cheryl respectfully declined

Joe and Cheryl Dowden of Hot Springs Village People have respectfully declined participation in this protest, but of course, everyone else is free to do as they see fit.

While we are not participating in this protest, we do disagree with the use of ANY property owner monies being used to fund the realtor luncheon, especially in light of the POA beginning the promotion of assessment increases.

We also disagree with our CEO hosting this event at a non-POA restaurant.

What follows is the inquiry Ms. Street sent to Hot Springs Village People asking if we would like to participate in the protest.

Invitation to HSV People to Participate in Protest

Lorri Street2:17 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

“What would you think if I told you that the HSVPOA, is hosting a luncheon on Monday, January 6, 2020, for essentially the entire real estate community, the Board, the Voice, KVRE and senior staff. This is being done to formally announce the new Realtor/POA relationship that begins on January 1, 2020.” (excerpt from posting by Cheryl Dowden on Hot Springs Village People dot com website.)

I cry foul!….just the idea that LN now wants to ‘play nice’ with HSV Realtors after snubbing them during her boondoggle Village Homes and Land failure strikes me as laughably ludicrous! And, IMHO any Village Realtor who is/or ever has been opposed to how LN has been running OUR Village should decline the invitation, sooner than later. I for one could not (ever), in good faith to my opposition of LN, ever refer a HSV Realtor who attends this luncheon. It is the HSV Property Owner’s who are footing the bill for this unnecessary and frivolous event! From OUR pocketbooks straight into the wallet of Greg Jones the independent owner of the Explore Lake restaurant. All Realtor’s who attend should be known for their complicity should they attend this luncheon on Property Owners dime!

While the ‘event’ is most unfortunate–We the People & Hot Springs Village People have a great opportunity to show our displeasure by showing up to protest the luncheon, current legacy BOD’s, and LN’s contract renewal.  
Please commit to joining us in this Protest Rally–and, if you on such short notice bring your own signs. 

When: Monday, January 6th. 10:15 a.m. to gather for carpooling and a brief talk on how we can execute this rally effectively and safely. 

Where: Woodlands parking lot–by the War Memorial

Who: All Like-minded WTP & Hot Springs Village–who want to express their voice and presence!

Why: Well…we all know why! We’ll head up to the vicinity of the Explore restaurant no later than 11:15.

For planning purposes, I would appreciate if you would reply to me if you are committed to joining this effort.  
Much Thanks! 

Lorri Street


By Cheryl Dowden

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