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HSVPOA Interim GM Explains Assessment Coupon Mix-Up

Assessment amounts on the coupons sent out to Property Owners were reversed. Lot owners received coupons for $90 and homeowners received coupons for $43. January 5, 2022, Board Discussion Session, Interim General Manager, John Paul, said that the POA received an email on January 4 about the coupon mixup. [It appears this email came from the vendor, but this wasn’t stated.]

Paul explained, “what happened was our vendor that sorts and mails out the annual renewals and the coupons for the assessments put the unimproved lots in the improved envelopes and the improved lots in the unimproved envelopes. How they did that, nobody knows. We proofed everything. Everything was right, going out. But when they sorted it, they sorted it wrong, so it went to the wrong thing.”

Paul stated, “they are being corrected now. We sent out an email. We’ve had a tremendous increase in people that have been going online and doing this [paying fees/assessments] and it is correct online.” Customers coming into the POA are paying the correct fees/assessments.

“The new coupons are going out shortly and that’s what happened. It was just something that couldn’t be overcome. It wasn’t the fault of anybody down at the POA. It was a sorting issue and that’s what happened,” continued Paul.

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Transcribed by Cheryl Dowden, January 11, 2022

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