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HSVPOA General Manager Update

HSVPOA Board sent out a “Board Blast” to Property Owners regarding the hiring process for the General Manager position on January 28, 2021. This is what they said:

“The HSV POA Board of Directors has extended a tentative offer for an interim General Manager. The individual would remain in that position while the Board seeks qualified candidates for a permanent General Manager. The name of the interim General Manager will be released when the hiring process has been completed.

“Moving forward, below are the steps that the Board, guided by HSV POA Human Resources, will follow in the recruiting and hiring process. These steps are carefully defined by HSV POA Human Resources guidelines and policies, as well as state and federal laws.

  1. The existing General Manager job description has been updated and approved by the Board.
  2. In compliance with HSV POA policy, the General Manager position will be posted internally for a period of 5 days, for any interested internal POA staff members. “Internal” refers to current POA staff.
  3. After the General Manager position has been posted internally and internal candidates evaluated, the Board retains the option to seek additional candidates via a third-party executive recruiting firm to be identified, if warranted.
  4. The executive recruiting firm/HR will present the top three candidates to the board for consideration.
  5. The interview process with the Board will commence.
  6. The Board of Directors will select first and second choice candidates, and the executive recruiting firm/HR will begin negotiations with the first-choice candidate.”    

* * *

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