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HSVPOA – Follow the Money

by Ken Phillis, January 21, 2020

They counted on us not noticing

I placed a post on ND over a year ago with what I believe to be the reason(s) for the CEO/BOD cramming the CMP down our throats. First, in my opinion, the CEO and the BOD members ( including past and present, excluding Diana Podawiltz and Dick Garrison) know what they are doing regarding the CMP and their nefarious scheme for HSV. The question must be asked why so many secret meetings and outright refusals to provide information, to which property owners are entitled? What is it “the group” (CEO/BOD/others) don’t want us to know? They are not stupid. They knew IF they were upfront and truthful with property owners their nefarious scheme would not be acceptable, especially with a price tag of $500,000 for a cookie-cutter plan….the CMP. They were also counting on the fact property owners were still asleep at the wheel because in reality, they have been for many years.
The effort to slide the declarations through with a vote was in their minds, an easy task. They did not expect some of us would realize they were up to no good and started a movement to quell their attempt to totally neutralize any say property owners would have regarding what goes on in the Village.

Follow the money

One must also follow the money. Whose pockets will be filled if the CMP is forced upon HSV? In my opinion, there are several people with their fingers in the pie. The individuals who are having secret meetings, possibly some present and past BOD members and the CEO. It is also my opinion there are others we’re not aware of that are involved with this endeavor to change HSV drastically.

The “plan” involves a number of construction projects both commercial and private. Pocket neighborhoods and a town center, alone will entail a tremendous amount of construction. There will be the need for a “developer” and of course, investors….after all, it takes a lot of money to pay for the construction. Who will be the developers? Those who are involved in cramming this CMP down our throats….” the group”. There is a tremendous amount of money to be made by being a developer. They will make fancy brochures and hype it up in various ways to attract investors. Financial projections will be made on soft numbers with the caveat….there’s no guarantee, however, the ROI (return on investment) will be juicy. I assure you there are those out there who will roll the dice. If the whole idea fails it doesn’t matter to the developer because they will pocket their money upfront…it will be a “built-in expense”.

I have seen this scenario in the oil exploration business when I was a Certified Petroleum Geologist with my own exploration company. The difference is the developers were called operators and they made money despite drilling a dry hole. The bad part was the operators knew the chances of a commercial well….a well that makes more money than it took to drill it….was a long shot. They used “soft” data along with inflated financial projections based on cost, recovery and future oil prices to lure investors. And of course, the caveat……there were no guarantees. The operators used OPA (other people’s money) to fund the drilling prospect with their profit built-in so no risk for them. In my opinion, this is one possible scenario of what is happening here in HSV……same story just a different subject and actors.

Another possibility

Another possibility is the intentional push of HSV into bankruptcy. We’re then easy pickings, and down go the gates. Become a municipality? Possibly, however, it doesn’t matter to “the group” as they will be the developers to slice and dice the Village as they please. They will swoop in to make the big bucks as the developers. When it fails…and I have no doubt it will, ‘the group” will pad their pockets and walk away with a smirk on their face.

Elect Lloyd, Tucker and Dick and never give up

This is why we ALL must elect Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro and Dick Garrison come March. We must be proactive in getting out facts and information to property owners and getting them to vote for the three I’ve mentioned. “The group” is not going to lay down. They will pull every dirty trick possible to derail the election of LTD. We must ramp up our fight. We must be watchful and ensure “the group” doesn’t use POA money….OUR money (as they did during the declaration vote) to push their agenda for their candidate. And don’t kid yourself. “the group” has their candidate. Those who are doing the research must continue to find as much information as possible regarding the nefarious dealings of our management. A huge thank you to those are doing the research and those who support this effort to right the ship.

by Ken Phillis, January 21, 2020

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