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HSVPOA Board Members Need Our Support

Letter to HSVP Editor from Andy Kramek, April 30, 2020

It appears, from some of the comments appearing on certain Social Media, and in the press, that the vast majority of residents of Hot Springs Village are already unhappy with the actions of the new board. This is a little strange given that the actions taken to date (and there have been less than three weeks since the new board was seated) are completely in alignment with the manifesto on which, at least three of, the newly elected members ran. The results of the election made it pretty clear that not only residents but also non-residents, wanted to see significant changes in the management of the village.

The top three candidates Sherman, Omahondro, and Garrison, polled 24,043 votes out of the 30,952 cast. That is 77.6%! Adding in the fourth candidate, Denger, who ran on a slightly different platform, but generally agreed with the others, the vote for decisive change grows to 28,264 (91.4%).  The one candidate who ran on the necessity of maintaining the status quo, Choyce, polled just 2,688 votes (8.6%). So despite what appears to be an orchestrated campaign of misinformation on some Social Media platforms, and partisan press outlets, it is clear that the reality is the exact opposite of what is being portrayed.

Not only do the vast majority of property owners want to see a major change in the direction in which the village is moving, but they also want major changes to the way, and by whom, it is managed. The new Board has already made some progress in that direction and we can expect to see more changes for the better in the coming months. Rome was not built in a day and the years of misguided management, not to say mismanagement, cannot be undone overnight. The Board needs the continuing support and help of every like-minded property owner to ensure that the clear wishes of the real majority are heard and acted upon.

I urge them to stand, along with Chair Podawiltz, on their principles, and keep the promises on which they ran,  despite the blatant and open hostility with which they are already being treated by the other hold-over Board members and their supporters. I, for one, stand fully behind our new members on the Board of Directors and wish them every success in their efforts.

Written by Andy Kramek, April 30, 2020


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