The purpose of this report is to link together in one place all the reports made regarding the July 7, 2021, HSVPOA Board Discussion Session.

Board Directors present at the table were Joanie Corry, Chairperson; Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chairperson; Bob McLeod, Gary Belair, Pam Avila, and Chris Jones.

Staff present at the table: Stephanie Heffer, Corporate Secretary and Director of Programs and Operations; Coreena Fetterhoff, Corporate Treasurer, and Controller; John Paul, Interim General Manager; Katrina Heap, Administrative Assistant to the GM; Jason Temple, Director of Public Services; and Chris Boutzale, Water & Wastewater Plants Superintendent.

The seventh board seat remains unfilled.

The Chair thanked everyone involved with the Stars and Stripes 4th of July celebration. Corry said she has received compliments from various people about how well done and nice the event was.

The Interim General Manager said it was 50/50 between The Xplore Group that provided the music and food. The Parks and Recreation Division organized the event well. The beach was packed. The gates were also well organized. Paul stated, “everybody that had a hand in it needs a big thank you.”

The first topic discussed in the session was scuba diving in Hot Springs Village lakes. Click here to read this report.

Secondly, the Board discussed a revision of the Recreation Committee Charter Mission and Contract. Director Jones said, “Overall,…mainly it is to get more in line with the other [committee] charters…The two biggest things within the revision are:

  1. Renaming the committee to ‘Parks and Recreation’
  2. Also, to reduce the amounts of minimum and maximum members from 11 minimum, 13 maximum to 7 minimum, 9 maximum.

There was no further discussion regarding these changes except to mention that this will probably move to a vote on July 21, 2021, Regular Board Meeting.

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By Cheryl Dowden, July 11, 2021

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