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HSVPOA Board Decision on Member Suspension

This report is Part 2 of the HSVPOA Board Meeting on February 23, 2022. In Part 2, the Board announces its decision regarding whether to uphold the suspension of Kirk Denger. Mr. Denger is a Board candidate in the upcoming election.

As it will take me a while to transcribe the first meeting and this meeting is very short, the decision was made to publish Part 2 first. This is transcribed to the best of my ability and is deemed but not guaranteed to be close to what was said.

Omohundro: Okay, the Board did have an Executive Session, and actions were taken. So Katrina [Heap] will read what happened.

Heap: Yes sir. During this morning’s Executive Session, Director Belair moved to suspend the membership privileges of Peter K. Denger from all Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association-operated amenities, including the deactivation of remote gate cards, if applicable for a period of 30 calendar days.

Heap: Director McLeod seconded the motion with the motion carrying and approved unanimously by the remaining Board Members.

Heap: That was the only action that occurred during the Executive Session, which commenced at 10:12 AM this morning.

Omohundro: Any other questions, comments? All right, I guess we’re…motion to adjourn.

Jones: I move to adjourn.

Omohundro: All in favor say, ‘aye.’

Board: Aye

Transcription by Cheryl Dowden, February 23, 2022

* * *

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