Whew, it’s hot! And already! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy beautiful music in a
cool, comfortable seat? Well, you are in luck.

Our August 1 concert is coming to life. You can expect to hear a Celtic
song about all of creation singing and clapping their “hands or paws, or anything they’ve got.” Four of our wonderful ladies will perform a barbershop rendition of Swing Down Chariot, fast-paced and harmonically tight.

A bunch of hillbilly men will attempt to play fake bluegrass instruments – a
washboard, a string bass bucket, and spoons – well you get the picture. Unfortunately, their singing won’t be fake.

There will be surprises, so I won’t spoil them here. I will just hint that some of
the songs will come to life before your very eyes!

And there will be songs you expect from Voices Rising. A lush a cappella arrangement of Secret Love, a fully Gershwin arrangement of Summertime
featuring our exquisite Ruth’e Korelitz. And Elsen Portugal, our accomplished accompanist, will play a group of Gershwin preludes.

Enough said. I know you will have a great afternoon if you join us at Village
Bible Church at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 1. So mark your calendar now
and I will see you then.

Marc Bremer

Voices Rising is a proud member of the HSV Arts Council and the HSV Area Chamber of Commerce.

If you are not a resident or property owner and would like to attend this event, email voicesrisinghsv@gmail.com for a facsimile ticket to present for gate access.


* * *

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