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HSV Temple Gives Sanitation Service Update

Distribution of the new trash carts

At the January 26, 2022 Board Meeting, Jason Temple, Director of Public Services, said, “presently our contractor is distributing carts to all of the members.” For delivery of the carts, the contractors are following the new trash collection route schedules and have completed Monday and Tuesday. They have started on Wednesday and should finish up Thursday by the end of this week.

Some details

Monday, January 31, 2022, will be the first day to use the new trash carts. There is a sticker on the top of the can which indicates your trash collection day of the week.

MO is for Monday trash pickup;

TU is for Tuesday;

W is for Wednesday (The W may look like an M);

TH is for Thursday.

Please put your cans adjacent to the road, but not on the road, and be at least four feet clear of any obstacles, like the mailbox.

Will anyone have to put their trash out across the street?

It is notated with a sticker on the cart if the trash has to be put out across the street. Temple said there are only a few hundred people that are required to place their trash cart across the street. Placing the cart across the street “will help facilitate the speed of pickup.” Temple said staff is going to contact the people who need to put their trash out across the street from their house, in order to make sure they understand that.

May I put loose trash in the new trash carts or is it required to use bags?

You do not need to buy the big plastic can liners to line your new trash cart. Lining your new cart is optional. You may put individual plastic bags in an unlined cart. The bags placed into the cart must be closed/tied.

What happens if you wanted a 64-gallon can, but received a 96-gallon can?

Those folks who have Wednesday and Thursday pickup will receive a 96-gallon trash cart, even if they ordered the smaller, 64-gallon cart. “I apologize for this inconvenience, but we will be getting them changed out in time.” Some people changed their size after the original cart purchase order and because of this, not enough 64-gallon carts were purchased. Temple said he has ordered 200 more 64-gallon carts.

Board Chair, Joanie Corry asked, “Jason, just to be clear. I have gotten questions from people who have received the wrong size trash bin/container and my understanding of what you told me just a few minutes ago is that they should go ahead and use the size they got.” “You will be, within the next couple of months, be able to replace the can with the size they requested.”

Temple said, “absolutely. Just be sure to call my office at 922-5524 and we will get that coordinated for you. We do appreciate your grace and patience as we get that resolved.”

Can I trade my trash cart with my neighbor?

Please co-ordinate the trades with the Public Service Office at (501) 922-5524. The POA is keeping track of the serial numbers which are assigned to the home. “We want to get the correct size to you over the next couple of months. It takes about a month to get the orders in. Please be patient with us. Everyone will get a trash can to start the new routes.”

Interim General Manager, John Paul, asked about the number on the can. Temple said the serial number stamped on the can is coordinated to a specific address. Because of this, the cans should not be traded with neighbors.

Paul, said, “they might find out they like the 94 [gallon cart] because they are not that much bigger and they are just as easy to roll…we’ll see.”

When should I set out the new trash can so I don’t miss the truck?

Omohundro, “I’ve had questions…Everybody says, ‘I don’t want to have to put my trash can out at 7:00 [a.m.]'” “I know we’ve said, ‘put it out the night before.’ To be clear, they [the sanitation crew] may not be at your house at 7:00 [a.m.]. Once the route is established, you will get an idea of when they are going to be there…”

Temple stated, “just be quick about it. These trucks will pick your can up in eight seconds and then they are gone.” Temple said it will be the same route, once the route is established. “That pattern will set in and people will set their clocks by it.”

What options do I have for my old can?

A lot of people have inquired about what to do with their existing trash cans.

  1. It is your trash can. You can repurpose it however you want.
  2. February 14-18, there will be a trash can recycling at the Balboa Beach. You can bring your clean trash can [the old one] to the Balboa Beach and we will recycle it in coordination with Garland County.
  3. Chad Wright will also come and pick up your old trash can(s) for free. Chad is making sure these cans get to farmers, schools, and others who can use them and that they don’t end up in the landfill. Click here to read the details for the services Chad offers. If you are interested in a free pick up of your old can or would like to make arrangements to purchase some of the old cans in lots of 10, contact Chad by phone at 501.226.7127 or by email at  chadwright2121@yahoo.com .

As of January 25, we have received all four of the new sanitation trucks. The trucks are being adjusted so they can pick up both the 64 and 96-gallon trash carts.

Click here to read more detailed information about the new trash collection process.

Leaf pick up

An audience member asked about the process for leaf pickup. Temple said Villagers can come to the office to buy stickers – the tags that need to be put on the paper bags containing leaves. Beginning on Monday, February 28, the POA will only be accepting paper bags for the leaf pickup service. The biodegradable paper bags can be purchased at Tru Value, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. They are 30-gallon, double-ply bags that are able to sit out in rain for a fairly long time. Temple said, “I highly recommend you get a cardboard insert that you put in the paper bag and this makes it much easier to load the bags with leaves. It is like a chute. Then you roll up the top and put your sticker on it.”

Using biodegradable paper bags saves the POA a lot of man-hours. Currently, staff has to open all the plastic bags filled with leaves and dump them because the leaf recycling facility does not accept plastic bags.

By Cheryl Dowden, January 27, 2022

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