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HSV Property Owner Discussed New Paper Bag Yard Waste Disposal Requirement

Hot Springs Village Property Owner, Melinda Alvord, discussed the new paper bag yard waste disposal requirement at the January 5, 2022 Board Discussion Session.

Ms. Alvord said, “I wanted to correct something that was said regarding the change in the biodegradable…our yard waste pickup. It’s not a change that the county has made that is generating our having to use these paper bags. It is the change that the POA made because we’ve always been using plastic bags. They’ve [staff] just been ripping them open. The county has been getting clean yard waste from us, I guess, but now with the change in how the bags are going to be picked up – that’s what’s causing the change.”

Alvord explained, “Anyway, with regard to the use of paper bags, I have done a little experimenting at home on my own. The capacity of a paper yard waste bag is about half of what I was able to get into a large plastic bag such as I had been using. Typically at our household, we have, during the heavy leaf dropping season, sometimes 20, 25, 30 bags with all the trees that we have on our lot.”

Alvord continued, “and, at the very least, since I’ll now probably be putting out twice as many bags I wonder if the Board would consider taking the cost of the stickers back to fifty cents. Now I’ll have to pay a dollar twice as much as I was paying or have been paying, at least during this last year with the increase in the price of the stickers. Thank you.”

Tucker Omohundro, Board Vice-chair responded, “well, with the fact that we are not going to have the labor involved in opening the bags, I think that is a fair request to look at, anyway.”

Alvord said, “thank you.”

Omohundro said, “I am sure that was the cost to us.”

Alvord stated, “well, and in addition, the cost of the paper bags is considerably higher than it is to buy a big box of plastic bags. So, for the homeowner, it would help a lot. Thank you.”

Omohundro replied, “we will look into it.”

Joanie Corry, Board Chair, and Pam Avila, Board Director thanked Melinda for bringing this to the attention of the Board.

Transcribed by Cheryl Dowden, January 11, 2022

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