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HSV & Phone Scammers

By Frank Shears, February 5, 2020


I have heard many complaints from people in the Village about scam phone calls. This is not a minor threat to us. It is real and it does work for the scammers. Here is how it works.

They target an area and purchase a list of telephone numbers that are located in that area. Then they enter the list into their computerized automatic dialers. An automatic dialer is a computer that automatically calls each number on the list and when the call is answered, it transfers the call to one of their agents (scammers). Then they hit you with their scam.

They do a couple of things to confuse you including Spoofing the phone number they are calling from. Their goal is to get you to send them either money or enough of your personal information to make it easy to steal your identity. All hope is not lost, however, because there is a Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information web site that has a lot of good advice about how to prevent them from succeeding.  There is even a page in that web site to help keep you informed of the latest scammer tricks via email notifications whenever a new one is discovered. It will help you spot a scam call. 

 Click here to get on their email list to receive email notifications of the latest scams being used and how to spot them. 

This web site is a wealth of information about these scammers. I strongly encourage you to visit the web site to learn about the different ways scammers are using to cheat you out of your hard-earned savings and/or personal information. PLEASE protect yourself with this information and spread the word about this web site. 

I hope this helps you and yours stay safe and secure 


Frank Shears aka Bubba McGillicuty

Note from the editor: Thank you for reading. Please comment below and share your scammer stories. Also let us know how you deal with scammers.

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