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By Former Board Director, Frank Leeming, April 1, 2020

What to do when we’re stuck at home

Some random thoughts as most of us sit at home reading books and staring at our computer screens:

  • 18.87 inches of rain fell here in the first three months this year, 43.5 percent above average for the first quarter.
  • The mob scenes at Walmart seem to be behind us, but the shelves for paper products and sprays like Lysol are still empty.
  • Really strange to pull into the drug-store parking lot and have a young lady in protective gear come out to the car with her clipboard so you don’t have to go inside and pick up your prescription.
  • Most of the restaurants we enjoy are serving carry-out food.  Call them and order some of their good food … they can use the business and you can enjoy a night off in the kitchen.
  • When it comes to keeping up with what’s going on in these turbulent times. I stay away from social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  I’m old-school and feel more confident getting my news from professional gatherers, like newspapers and magazines.  There are several wonderful sources that will send you free daily newsletters full of good information.  Here are some of my favorites:

 – Axios publishes a wide range of free “tight and bright” newsletters you can sign up for here. The most popular is Mike Allen’s Axios AM newsletter which is sent out each morning.  You can also sign up for free daily and weekly newsletters on the markets, energy, public health, transportation, tech, media, future trends, space, science, cities, and sports.

– MIT sends some excellent, easy-to-read newsletters on emerging technology, artificial intelligence, and the economy.  You can sign up here.

 – If you subscribe to any newspapers or magazines, they are probably sending out newsletters which can save you a lot of time.

  • We still find the best and most accurate weather forecasts are available at Weather Underground (not to be confused with the radical group from the ‘60s and ‘70s).  Several of the 250,000 personal weather stations in the U.S. which feed into this outstanding service are in the Village.  For one in the east end of the Village, click here. (Be sure to bookmark this.)   I’m particularly fond of the 10-day forecast.  I’ve customized it to show me the upcoming temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, winds and dew points.
  • Books are still our favorite pastime.  Village residents can join the Garland and Saline County libraries at no cost.  With your library card number, you can download from huge catalogs of books for free, directly to your tablet or other e-reader devices.  Best-sellers, fiction, non-fiction, whatever you like to read.  Joyce and I go through two or three books a week.  To see what’s available, go to:

Click here to visit Garland County Library.

Click here to visit Saline County Library.

  •  Are you interested in what the polls are showing around the country?  The best compilation of the many polls is found at the RealClear Politics website. Click here to go there.

Stay safe.

By Former Board Director, Frank Leeming, April 1, 2020

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