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HSV LTD Mailer Sent

10,000 HSV Non-resident Property Owners Receive LTD Mailer

By Lorri Street, March 2, 2020

To All…today 6″x11″ colored glossy LTD mailers are dropping into approximately 10,000 HSV non-residents mailboxes. On the mailers, I included the website for Hot Springs Village People hoping it will invite many to visit the site and keep current on all that’s happening in our beloved Village. Joe and Cheryl will likely soon have a larger circulation of readers than the HSV Voice does…and rightly so.

By Lorri Street, February 2, 2020



Editor’s note: Expertly handling a myriad of details, Lorri Street put a tremendous volume of work into this endeavor. Much appreciation to Ms. Street for all she has done for the Village! Please comment below to thank Lorri for doing such a fabulous job!

Edited to add: Lorri Street kindly reminded me of the generosity of the many Villagers who came together to raise the $4,000 needed to fund this undertaking. Thank you, everyone, for your dedication to this cause. I apologize for carelessly omitting this crucial detail.

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