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HSV firefighters respond rapidly

Tragedy struck

Tragedy struck in Hot Springs Village on August 1, 2019.     A structure fire or out-of-control fire is always a scary thought, but as we live in the middle of the woods, the mere idea is even more terrifying. Driving down Desoto, someone spotted a fire at Valencia Courts and called it into 911. 

Rapid response by firefighters

The call came into the station at 4:34 that 20 Destino Way was burning.  Rapidly responding, Desoto Station dispatched Ladder One at 4:36 p.m. arriving on the scene at 4:43. 

A total of eighteen paid and volunteer Hot Springs Village firefighters quickly arrived to help battle the blaze.  Jessieville and Fountain Lake also responded with manpower.

There was a rumor that the fire reportedly began because of an unattended grill.  We have been told this is not true. Another source said that the homeowner where the fire originated was not home at the time.

Area firefighters on the scene at Valencia Courts, Hot Springs Village, AR – Photo by Steven Hammans

Photos of aftermath

Click the photo in the slideshow below to enlarge.

Fire at Valencia Courts 1
Fire at Valencia Courts 2
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 3
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 4
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 5
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 6
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 7
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 8
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 9
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 10
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 11
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 12
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 13
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 14
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 15
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 16
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 17
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 18
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 19
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 20
Fire HSV Valencia Courts 21

Four units sustained damage

Four units, 16, 18, 20 and 22 were all damaged, with unit 16 only sustaining minimal damage, due to the diligent response of our firefighters.   Three of the units had occupants, but it is believed no one was at home in at least two of the three occupied units at the time of the blaze. 

Renters were due to move into 16 Destino Way today, August 2, 2019.  

The units are reported to be approximately 40 years old and while there are firewalls between the living spaces, the attics do not have firewall protection.  The firefighters were able to successfully fight the attic and rooftop flames, finishing their work around midnight according to an unnamed source.

Thank you to all our brave firefighters

We again would like to thank our tireless heroes, these brave firefighters who put their lives on the line in order to save life and property.  Their response time was excellent.  These individuals, both paid and volunteer again faced a dangerous situation and overcame the smoke and fire.  Much gratitude and admiration to these stellar individuals for another job well done.

We were able to connect with the sister of one of the victims and right now she does not have a place to put household donations but could use hygiene items and nightclothes. We are attempting to contact her to find out more details and also determine what needs the other victims have. If anyone knows of an effort to assist the victims of this terrible tragedy, please respond in the comment section below so community members can help.

Update: Additional photos of actual fire

Click the photo in the slideshow below to enlarge.

Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 1
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 2
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 3
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 4
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 5
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 6
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 7
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 8
Firefighting at HSV Valencia Courts 9

Fire photography by Steven Hammans Sandy Manzer

After fire photography by Joe Dowden

by Cheryl Dowden, August 2, 2019

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