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HSV Election Integrity – 2020

by George Sorrell, September 26, 2019

Thinking about the next election for new board members

I must admit what I am about to say may be pure fantasy.  But if what I’ve heard about our election process is true, then this must be brought out into the public for intense scrutiny. I should say I heard this independently from two reliable sources.

It is my understanding that when we elected the last three new members to the board, following the assembly of all the ballots, The CEO takes these into her office and closes the door.

Is this a true statement?  If true, what is she doing with our ballots? 

It is no secret that this CEO (as she is called) has no credibility with most property owners.  She certainly does not have credibility with those who were defeated in the last election.

I open this up for discussion and/or refutation if appropriate.

Personally, I would prefer to pay a trusted third party to count our votes than to trust anyone in the HSVPOA.

What do you think?

by George Sorrell, September 26, 2019


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