The Endorsement

Like it or not, our Village is in trouble.  It’s direction for the last several years may have been well-intentioned but it has been wrong.  Now is the time to change and there is only one way for us to do that:  Our upcoming HSV Board of Directors election.

This election will determine three (3) new directors for our Board.  Not choosing the proper ones will further dampen our opportunities and lead only to our detriment.       The right choice of directors is critical. We cannot afford a mistake.

One key factor in this election is simply the numbers.  There are ten (10) candidates officially in the race so we have a serious issue with vote dilution.  To make matters worse all ten candidates are solid, strong, well-meaning residents. 

So, what’s the problem?  Any of the candidates would make a good board member, right?  NO, not necessarily.  In my opinion, there are certain critical attributes, all of which only a select few of the candidates possess.  These attributes are:

Critical Attributes

NOT A MEMBER of the ‘Good Old Boy’s Club’  –  We need new blood.  Any candidate who has previously been part of or promoted a Village change which resulted in an unintended outcome must be discounted.

REAL Understanding of the term ‘FIDUCIARY’  –  That term gets a lot of press lately.  Only candidates who have actually been a fiduciary or held a position in which they had a fiduciary responsibility should be considered.  After all, it is    Your Money for which they are responsible.

ENTREPRENEURIAL TALENT and Experience   –  Which candidates have actually started their own business in the past?  Have run their own show?  Really know what it takes to wear all the hats?

Solid FINANCIAL SKILLS and Background  –  Have any of the candidates actually managed someone else’s money?  Had P & L responsibility?  Can they decipher a balance sheet or know GAAP from crap?

Real Life MARKETING AND SALES History  –  Which candidates have ever actually ”closed a sale”?  Brought in new business?  Turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse?  Put lipstick on a pig?

Proven ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS  –  Have any candidates actually run a business or even a meeting? Turned a failing business around?  Earned the Trust of clients?  Which of them can really Listen and Learn?

Clearly Only Three Stand Out

Everyone should ask themselves if their favorite candidate(s), individually or as a group, embody the above outlined attributes, skills and experiences.  I have personally met or worked with most of the candidates.  I have reviewed the published resumes and  credentials of them all.   It is clear that only three candidates stand out in this HSV Board of Directors Election and meet all of the criteria noted above. They are:

   Lloyd Sherman         Diana Podawiltz          Tormey Campagna

But, don’t take my word for it.  Carve out some time to review their credentials and  experience.  Come to the forums.  You will see that these three all know the Village well but are NOT part of the old guard that has gotten us into our current dilemma.  As  current or previous professional license holders or elected representatives these three understand what being a Fiduciary to You means.  These three all have solid business education, experience, and in one way or another, have done it all: VP, Manager,  Accountant, Entrepreneur, Sales, P&L.  Name it, they’ve done it.  And, all of them know how to promote a product and close the deal – something sorely needed in HSV these days.  Best of all they are well liked in the community, participate in a wide range of   activities, and they can work with people and LISTEN. 

In summary, My Endorsement, without hesitation or doubt goes to:

 Sherman / Podawiltz / Campagna 

Vote Three for HSV


* * * * * * * * * *

written by

Tom Blakeman   – For those that may not know me I’m the guy who wrote ‘The Opposition White Paper’. That document was the first and most comprehensive evaluation of the proposed Declarations and AOI Vote last year.  I’m also the guy who led the panel in the third WTP Forum explaining why
an across the board No Vote was right and appropriate at the time. I was right then and I firmly believe I’m right now.  Thank you for your attention and consideration.

* * * * * * * * * *  

To visit the individual candidate websites please click below:

            Lloyd Sherman             Diana Podawiltz              Tormey Campagna