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Hot Springs Village POA Icy Weather Update – 2-4-22

11:20 a.m.


We urge you to continue to stay home and off our roadways to allow essential and emergency vehicles to move about the Village.

Road conditions worsened overnight. Our roads are hazardous and slippery. The rise in temperature today will not be enough to make all our minor roads safe to travel. Major roads should improve when the sun comes out but do not expect complete clearing

Yesterday, POA maintenance crews removed as much snow and ice from our roads as possible. The Public Services Department encourages everyone to stay off the roads during wintry weather. Please do not risk driving. We need our roads kept clear for emergency vehicles. Road closings and other important information will be posted on our Active Advisories page and will be shared with radio station KVRE 92.9 FM.

Be mindful of icy and hazardous conditions around your home. There is a high risk of slips and falls due to the icing.

Hot Springs Village POA Icy Weather Update – 2-4-22 inside
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These roads are still closed. Again, avoid driving anywhere today.

–        Fresno Road between Ponferrada Way and Carmona Road

–        Barcelona Road between Tomino Way and Paso Way

–        Balearic Road between Coronado Drive and Reata Way


Sanitation crews are busy clearing roads today. Sanitation trucks will begin THURSDAY pickups tomorrow (Saturday) where conditions are safe enough to do so. We may not be able to pick up all Thursday locations on Saturday. Thank you for your patience as we catch up. Special Friday pickups are postponed to Friday, February 11.  


Our POA administrative office (895 DeSoto Blvd.) is open. We will keep our building open through the afternoon as long as we determine it is safe and necessary to do so. Member Services is answering phones until 4:30 PM. Call 501-922-5556 if you need assistance. 


All eight POA golf courses are closed today and tomorrow. Refer to the Active Advisories page and the Course Conditions page. 


Ponce de Leon Center and Woodlands Auditorium are open today until 2 p.m. but will be closed tomorrow (Saturday).

Coronado Fitness Center is open until 2 p.m. today and will be open 10 a.m.-2 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday).

Coronado Center Library is closed today. Watch for later updates on Saturday operating hours. All other indoor and outdoor recreation facilities are closed all day today and tomorrow (Saturday). Hot Springs Village Evening Lions Bingo at Coronado Community Center is canceled for Friday night.


POA-operated dining facilities (Magellan and Isabella) are closed through Monday and plan to reopen Tuesday, February 8.


If you have a water or sewer emergency, call the Water Treatment Plant at 501-922-1323. 


There are no power outages reported in Hot Springs Village, but conditions could change. Do not call the POA if you lose electricity. Instead, call your electric utility:

–      First Electric     800-827-3322 or 800-489-6716

–      Entergy                 800-368-3749 or 877-492-7238 


All fire stations will be staffed and ready to respond to emergencies. If you have a fire emergency, call 911


For non-emergency situations, call the Hot Springs Village Police at 501-922-0011. If we experience a power outage and our police department’s regular phone lines are down, you may call Police Dispatch at this mobile number: 501-209-6000. 


If you lose power at your home, and you have no neighbors with power on who can accommodate you during a power outage, you may go to one of our four fire stations. If you need transportation to a fire station or other warming center, call the non-emergency police numbers listed above.  


Animal Control is on call for animal complaints: 501-922-6547 


Thanks to our residents who stayed at home and off the roads. Thanks to our first responders, Public Services, Parks & Recreation, and all other POA staffers who kept our facilities safe and gave extra effort to respond to members’ needs. Thanks to KVRE 92.9 FM for assisting the POA in communicating conditions and hosting our personnel on the air.


We will continue to monitor the weather and adjust our operations accordingly. We will send additional e-mails to keep you informed. You may also refer to our Active Advisories page.  Also, listen to KVRE radio at 92.9 FM and KVRE.com

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