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Hot Springs Village – In Your Hands

By Clark Vernon, October 11, 2021

Ballots [proxies] requesting your approval of an assessment Increase well over and above the near 5% which would be expected in January are in the mail.

Given the Property Owners’ Association’s track record, and intentions not consistent with good management, an increase coupled with an unaltered course, will result in greater damage to the Village as a whole, and your “NO VOTE” is highly recommended.

Raising assessments without substantive financial and operational change will only result in larger and greater needs in the future.  Click here to go to the website,  AmericanaWhen.com for all the details you will need.

On its current path, the next 10 years will see another $40 million in cash losses from Golf and Park & Recreations.  Coupled with the $44.4 million in losses of the last 11 years ended in 2020, we can then boast of $84.4 million in losses over 21 years!  For What Purpose?  So that some privileged minority can play golf or tennis whenever and wherever they want to instantly? 

Adding insult to injury is the highly regressive nature of raising assessments and the fact that lot owners and lower valued improved property owners will carry a very disproportionate share of the load to finance these losses and for what?   Attached is a chart showing taxes paid for certain value ranges for lots and housing in Saline and Garland County, along with the Village Assessments now and proposed (2022 and 2024).  Payments were displayed with a percentage that represents the percent the tax bears to the assessed value of the property.  You can easily see who is paying the greater percentage of their property value each year!

For lot owners, it is particularly egregious since they have no way of knowing if they will be able to build on the lot and connect to utilities.  The POA under its legacy management has chosen to compete with its own lot owners on price and availability.  The POA has a consistent record through their sales efforts of destroying lot values and continues to do so with their 50% commission program for local relators.  In addition, since all lots do not have water and sewer to each site, the POA as a major lot owner will be in direct competition for the limited services. This assessment in effect is a demonstration of how serious our management problem is and how much we need to change it.  Not giving inappropriate management new money with which to injure us further is the place to start.  And we can do that by Just Saying NO!

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HSV Golf and Parks & Recreation 10-Year Losses


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Comparing Tax Amounts Across Asset Class Value Ranges with HSV, Saline County, and Garland County


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