Everyone is Welcome

Come join co-hosts HSVPOA Parks and Recreation Department and Hot Springs Village Audubon as they celebrate the birds of Hot Springs Village.

Around a hundred or more participants are expected at the Festival of Wings Audubon event to be held on Saturday, May 14 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Grove Park. Grove Park is located at 1105 DeSoto Boulevard, Hot Springs Village. All vendors at the event will be selling bird-related products such as birdseed, feeders, bird supplies, photos, books, bird artwork, and more. The Trails Committee will have representatives at the meeting and after the event, there will be a trail hike led by Ginger Ladehoff, HSV Trails. If it rains, the event will be moved to the covered area outside of the Woodlands Auditorium and the trail hike will be canceled.

Click here to see the map. Click here to visit the HSV Audubon website.

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