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Do We Need a General Manager?

By Gene Garner, January 25, 2021

For the last ten years, we’ve had an on going love-hate relationship with our GM/CEOs and we are now looking for another replacement for same.

Maybe we should try operating without a GM. Since Dave Johnson was forced out in 2010, we’ve employed a number of candidates that lacked the qualities we believed they possessed. Once hired, they performed their duties in less than stellar fashion and eventually caused mistrust and strong backlashes from the Property Owners. As a result, we’ve gone our separate ways with much regret and fewer finances.

Between new hires, we managed to “muddle through” with temporary replacements in that position. We are now in the process of looking for the perfect candidate– but what if there is no perfect candidate and all along we’ve been wasting our time and money?

What if the different sections (permanent employees) interface directly with the BOD? The November 10, 2020, Organization Chart [see below] shows eight direct reports to the GM along with the executive assistant. Each section has a supervisor that directs their labor and executes the budget. Who better knows the Village’s problems than the people that maintain our common property?

With the sporadic and unsettling tenures of the CEO/GMs these last ten years, these employees have managed to keep our heads above water and the roads repaired. I believe most Villagers appreciate and admire these hard-working individuals and trust them to look out for our best interests. Can we say the same of our present CEO/GM system?

Temporarily sidelining the CEO/GM position would require some adjustments in the BOD, but it also gives us a chance to evaluate our performance under a new system. If it works out, we can make any needed teaks, and if it doesn’t, we’re no worse off.—Gene

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