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Capital  Allocation / Leasing – HSV

By Tom Blakeman, October 22, 2021

Hot  Springs  Village  POA  appears to have some major issues with  Capital  Allocation,  particularly  Leasing.   Has the  ‘free spending’  of the last five or six years put us behind the eight ball,  so to speak?   Why has  POA  been leasing capital assets?   What can be done about it going forward?   Could this be one of the reasons certain past  Board  Members wanted the  Corporate  Treasurer and  Controller to be a  nonstaff  Property  Owner?   Has the  Village been fooling itself with the  “Property  Owners’ Equity” storyline?   There are a  lot of issues here.   FRATF  should make it a  priority to figure it all out and the  Board of  Directors should resolve it  ‐   BEFORE  any endorsement for collecting more property owner assessments of any kind.   A serious, in-depth, hands-on,  Total  Investigation is required.   And,  this does not mean asking the current  CPA  firm or  General  Manager  (all hired hands)  to simply justify the status quo.   The  CPA firm and GM or Staff are not responsible for running the business properly.   The  Board of  Directors are!

So, has this been done?  Doesn’t appear to be. But yet they are “selling” us on more assessments anyway. VOTE NO!

BTW, if anyone wants more details on this problem see my comments to the Board and FRATF dated 04/14/2021.  [Click here to view that report.]

Tom Blakeman

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